• Are We Equal? Survey

    Well-being, Communication Design

    Through survey with SurveyMonkey, I send out to 89 people and receive 23 responses. 1 person did not complete most of the survey. Most samples are Newschool Students from Parsons, Eugene Lang. Age between 20-25.

    Please visit Grace's blog for the complete result of survey.

    Survey Questions

    1. What Nationality are you?
    2. Do you see yourself more as an individual or as part of a group?
    3. Do you think you understand the concept of equality in identity?
    4. Do you think Unite State is a discriminating society? (race, gender, nationality, income, education, and health)
    5. Have you been to any condition or country where your social identity is not equal?
    6. Are you, or do you know any orphans /adoptees? (you may click multiple answers)
    7. Do you see any difference between orphans/adoptees, compared to people with typical family?
  • Fantastic job, Grace. now comes the hard part: what have you learned from the survey results? How do the responses you received change your beliefs about topics that are important to your research? Can you synthesize your findings in one paragraph?

  • grace, I really liked your survey. Can I talk about it in my presentation about interpreting data from surveys at monday's class? How many responses did you get? can you please write a couple of paragraphs based on the results of this work and send it to me by tomorrow afternoon? Let me know. Thanks. steven

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