• The Peace Pledge

    Peace, Communication Design

    This is my idea for achieving world peace:

    Take the Peace Pledge as follows:

    I will not kill or otherwise harm another human being in the name of God.

    Upon taking this pledge, a person will become an "ULTRA" of their own belief system whether religious or not: for example, an ULTRA Christian, an ULTRA Hindu, an ULTRA Muslim, an ULTRA Atheist, or whatever......In this way will we know who we are dealing with as an individual.

    Who violates this pledge, becomes an Ex-ULTRA . Yes, we fire you and you cannot regain the ULTRA status. This includes membership responsibility, government official participation, ie, you can't take the pledge and say that your individual duty is different from official duty.

    .A non-ULTRA is everyone else. Obviously, criminals, military, and others who may kill or harm without invoking God's name for some other purpose, are in a special category of non-ULTRA. They are simply professional non-ULTRAs and yes, they may achieve the ULTRA status at the time they decide to stop killing and harming. There will be a date assigned to each ULTRA (since '08).A person who maintains an ULTRA status since birth will be revered.

    ULTRAs who pledge the goal of world peace will identify as a group rather than get distracted with their differences of religion and nationality. We must design a starting place for world peace through PLURALISM and for me, taking The Peace Pledge is the start.

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