• What school will do for you.



    Sure school not only gives you a wonderful start and the fundamentals. I am a perfectionist, to a point i really dont have a social life. I devote everyday in my education because i feel that if im 12 hours from my family and from the city i love im going to make it worth it.

    I havent slept at all this week mostly because ive been working so hard and stressing out (panic attack!) I shot so much on my break for school all i do is stay at my computer and work. I have given myself the flu... thats all i can come up with at this point. Perhaps i got it from someone at school or the little boy i watch. I feel awful and i have class in a couple of hours im debating about going. I cant keep food down. (dont worry im getting my project 1 accomplished)

    My point is i am a nerd- so much of a nerd that i dont even like leaving my computer for more than 5 hours- i get worried. But also my work ethic isnt the most healthiest and i need to work on that so im not giving myself panic attack and staying up all night and then getting sick about it.

    The outcome... beautiful work that im proud of and the beginning of a great portfolio. Anything for becoming a photo director one day.

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