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    The concepts does not have significant relevance to the issues that are caused by the automobile industry (such as CO2, traffic, and parking) however it lay out some ideas to start the project of designing better vehicle for the drivers and passengers. The concepts touch the storage, energy, and innovation. A. MODULAR CONCEPT-add or remove extra storage. B. CHAIN CONCEPT-the vehicle chains to the other and becomes a train, the first vehicle pulls the other and saves the energy. C. BAT MOBILE CONCEPT-the vehicle separates into two, one would use the vehicle regularly, when there is need for storage. One would pop out the scooter, when there one is going to someplace nearby or quick. D. EXPANSION CONCEPT 1-the height of the vehicle can be adjustable. One would higher the height of vehicle in order to see the condition of the street, or to feel safer. E. EXPANSION CONCEPT 2- the vehicle expands horizontally to create more storage. F. TRANSFORMING CONCEPT- vehicle transform into a mini pick up truck.

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    Aron, this is great work. I totally disagree that these ideas are not significant to issues that we care about in thesis. I am especially intrigued by the train concept. The problem with trains is that people have to drive their cars to the train station, then park and move their luggage to the train waiting room, then board the train. when they reach their destination, they have to rent another car, move all their luggage again, etc. this is very inefficient, and causes problems like traffic and parking and CO2. If we could drive little cars like the Smart car, for example, that are really good for city driving but not for long distance, and then hook them together to create a train for long-distance travel, it would solve many problems.

    There used to be a train called Auto Train that went from Washington, DC to Orlando, Florida, I think. It was a regular train that you could drive your car onto, so it is quite different from your concept, but it would be helpful to read about that to see how it worked.

    Is this what you are hoping to work on in your thesis? Have people designed cars before for thesis? You couldn't build a prototype, although you could create models using a 3D printer. Please tell me more about your plans...

  • Drawings too cool to be so small.

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    Aron, This car runs 70km/h with air. It is made by company name MIDI, and the name is AirPod Nulle. Its controled by joystick and it costs about a dollar and fifty cents to run 100km.

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