• Art Education & Contemporary Art Show Exchanges

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Henri Matisse 21st Century Artworks (Series)

    Art Education (Exchanges)

    Grand Masters Society (Lectures)

    Young Professionals Training (Museums & Curating)

    Traditional & Folk Art Archives (Online Community)



    Form and Technique

    Object and Symbol


    Visual Narrative

    Visual Communication

    Visual Expression


    A movement

    A movement in art, dance, drama, music, society

    A movement stems from people

    A movement is based on – nature, society, politics, nation, relationships, responses to stimuli, responses to events

    A movement gathers momentum through collective action & potential

    A movement signifies change?

    (A brief summary of concepts for Art Exchanges as part of a design for fostering the creative arts and art education - Please comment!)

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