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    It’s dangerous enough that people more than 150 years after Charles Darwin start propagating a theory that denies the scientific proven evolution process and rather stays to the words of the bible - of the book Genesis (where god created the world in seven days). But it’s even more annoying that those people, so called »creationists«, claim the term »intelligent design« for their abstruse cause.

    So it’s absolutely understandable that last year the members of the St. Moritz Design Summit wrote a letter to George W. Bush (one of the spiritual leaders of a USA that is going more and more neo-conservative and »back to the roots«): »The participants of the St. Moritz Design Summit 2005 don’t want design and designers to be divine and they claim intelligence against such stupidity«, so the tenor. Well done!

    On May 30th though, the [Creation Museum] http://www.alrcnewskitchen.com/creationmuseum/index.htm opened in Petersburg, Kentucky. »The Creation Museum is a walk through the Bible using science, geology, biology, astronomy and anthropology to confirm the accuracy of biblical history,« says founder Ken Ham in a press release. »Christians are tired of being beaten down and marginalized in this country. Many are telling us it’s about time we had a place where Christians can stand up and say the Bible is true; its history is true; we can defend it; we have the answers; and we can proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s what this museum is all about.«

    Christians beaten down and marginalized? Sounds like Kentucky is as bad for Christians as Byzantine was for Muslims in the 11th century’s crusades. But maybe it is only Mr. Ham who somehow got stuck in those ancient times. Anyhow… as you can see the »high-tec« museum itself seems to be more a stupid design!

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