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    As everybody knows I was interesting in Water crisis, but in this two week I change my topic to help my country Ecuador. Ecuador is a small country very rich in natural resources but really poor, because we dont explot all our natural resouces. Ecuador is divided in 3 social clases: 70% of the population in Ecuador is low class, the 20% is medium class and 10% is high class. I was reserching and found that we have excellent artisan that make beautifull hand work and I was thinking to start helping the low class population, giving them the opportunity to have work to do and get better economy for their lives. To have the opportunity to have food, medicine, clothes etc. I dont sure about what material I will take for this project, but I am so exciting to have the opportunity to help my people. One of my thinking is start doign innovative design with a material called "cabulla" is a strong material that can be weaving and painting in different ways.

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    Janet, I did some checking on line, and I found a few references to Cabulla. But can you give me some more information about this material? Is it like rope? How do they make these things? I believe that you may have a very good idea here, and I would like to work with you to develop your product concept. Please tell me more about what you are thinking about. steven

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