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    Upon being recommended to look into the way the Dutch treat bicycle riding i found a really unique company. the companies name is Gazelle and they have a variety of products. Along with their webpage came a brochure about bicycling in the netherlands. I am confused because they say they are an australian company? but nonethe less i found this brochure to be ratherly interesting. One statistic they mention is that commuters on average say a 30 minute commute is ideal and dealable. A bike can go about 7.5 km within that time. I think that averages out to about 4-5 miles. for most people that live here in NYC i think 4-5 miles is quite the normal accesibility that many new yorkers have. along with this is something they call "trappers" its a program in conjunction with the workplace where someone works that they recieve benefits to use their bicycles.

    They also mention that vandalism is still the number one issue in regards to bicycles. 750,000 a year!!! In ways to combat that they try to have more bike stores and dealers deal with registrations of bikes to insure that one is not buying a bike from a "shady" dealer.

    Another bike design that they have is a "cargo" bike. Check out this page for a video on the Cabby bike they have designed http://www.gazellebicycles.com.au/bicycles-as-transport/cargo-bikes/cabby

    They also have electric bikes and are heavily focused on "Commuter Bikes"

  • it might not relate to what you want to focus, yet it relate to bike.

    I was doing hw for other class, and found a research on bike materials & part. This research is not by designer, therefore it would be interesting to see how engineer thinks about bike design.

    Bicycle Materials Case Study

    Bicycle Materials Case Study Main Page

  • hey sam,

    check this one out - http://www.energy-vision.org

    good luck.

  • Sam, I have been reading your posts with interest, as you investigate various issues surrounding bicycle use in urban areas. It seems to me that this subject is one of great importance right now, so I strongly endorse the direction you are moving in. However, I have yet to see a really solid proposal for a product that you believe you can develop as your thesis project. Are you thinking about designing a bicycle, or an accessory, like a lock? Or, do you want to create an entire system for distributing rental bikes? You have identified the problem of vandalism as the number one problem for maintaining a fleet of rental bikes. This surprises me, because I can't really understand the motivation of those people who go to the trouble or messing up so many bicycles. they must almost be an organized group, out to create chaos for some reason. Is there some kind of device or product that could deter this form of destruction? What motivates vandalism, and how can you discourage people from doing it? steven

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    That is very cool, alot of information to digest but it may play a role in my product...whatever that is, lol. I am going to upload imageshack tonight to make my map and future images much bigger on this blog.

  • thanks, that is one of the possible NFPs i would like to get involved with, although they seem a bit more on the electric side of things, but all in all they are looking for an alternative to our current mode of transportation

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    It is a bit hard to narrow it down to what product I will create, after talking to Linda on Monday, it seems my thesis will be dealing with getting more people to use bikes/alternatives to gas powered vehicles here in the city.

    Vandalism occurs on a level of aftermarket sales. Their are some ringleaders that have people that steal bikes only to resell them on the second hand market. I've read articles of bike shops where the owners are busted on having been part of a theft ring to steal bikes and sell them to buyers looking for not such good bikes or second hand bikes. That's a problem. Sometimes these problems are the deterrents for people to want to own a bike in the first place.

    I would like to focus my attention on getting people onto bikes. I believe after meeting with a NFP that deals with alternatives to the car/taxi I would be able to do a charette to work out what is the most effective way to get people to start using bikes, or Segways (the electric thing that one stands on and it moves forward) or other alternatives. It's a bit hard to say what my product will be before sitting down and doing a charette or two with a more knowledgeable base than the research I have done so far. My research I believe will help to get me in a good position for the social environment

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    Sam, did you contact Transportation Alternatives? Those are the people you should be speaking with. I know a guy who used to be the Director of that organization, and I may be able to hook you up. Let me know. steven

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    Hi Steven, Ive been trying to get hold of them. I just called 5 minutes ago and left 2 messages on 2 different answering machines. I tried calling last friday and left a message yet i have not heard back from them. If its possible to help me set something up that would be great. I love their website, its full of so much information and directly related to the ideas that i want to focus on for thesis.

    Thanks Sam

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