• Rethinking Design

    Education, Communication Design


    Commonly design is still perceived as something stylish, fashionable or slick. And if you flip open a design magazine, usually you see those glossy and perfect products and gadgets. And still also designers think that this in fact is design. Well - it’s only a part of it. Design also is the ability to solve problems - wicked problems even (whereas design should also be able to generate problems).

    For those who yet did not arrive in the 21st century of design, NextD offers the chance to get an idea about what potential design has got and that is long ago demanded by industry and economy. Designers as the experts for planning and connecting multi-disciplinary interests, specialists and parties - the designers as a conductor. Many interviewers express their thoughts and experience on this view on design: Lorraine Justice, Curator of the MoMA in New York, Malcolm Gladwell, Journalist of »The New Yorker« and Book Author or Professor Dr. Ralph Bruder of the Zollverein School of Management and Design and many more.

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