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    Thesis Idea

    My grandfather was a bamboo craftsman; he built a lot of things for example bamboo steamers, bamboo baskets, and some little bamboo flying toys for kids as well. But he was not around anymore, the techniques got lost. I believe in the world a lot of things got lost, and that is why I want to preserve the techniques of craftsman. But I will be focusing of Bamboo only. Through out my research I found out Bamboo is really important through out our history. “Bamboo is a plant of ancient and increasing importance for humanity. Known as ‘the wood of the poor’ in India, ‘the friend of the people’ in China, ‘the brother’ in Vietnam.”

  • Richard, I think it is true that many kinds of skills and techniques got lost or fading away, for example, Gothic structure techniques and many kinds of hand-craft skills. Perhaps, it's because people want to be faster and more efficient. Ironically, our economy is not as colorful as before. Even though we became faster in production and invented many new technologies, we made a huge impact to the eco-system. I guess it's due to human's infinitive greedy for satisfaction. However, that's the reason people keep improving as well. It is hard to judge right? One bar goes higher; the other one gets lower.

    It is interesting that you are forcing on bamboo. I think people are forcing a lot more on bamboo than before because of the issue of global warming. It would be fantastic if designers can come out designs basic on sustainable materials fashion, the environment will have more chance to survive as well as many species.

  • Slow_design_132_

    Check this out: http://www.slowdesign.org/slow1.html


    They called it Slow design. I think it's interesting to slow down our speed to have a different value in a new perspective.

  • Richard:

    Your new ideas is really intriguing, though it seems in the early developmental stage. Am I correct? Your story raises lots of interesting issues around tradition, globalized manufacturing, trade, economic and environmental justice, among others.

    It seems that you have a much more personal connection (passion) to this story than the other ideas you had initially proposed. I would recommend that you put a bit more thought into this to see where it may lead you.

    There are some critical questions here that you'll need to consider and that will help bring focus to your research, etc. Even if you decide to focus on your previous ideas, I think these types of questions will be helpful for you.

    1. What is the problem? Is it that, "Bamboo isn't valued in modern society? Traditions using bamboo are being abandoned? Stories and critical information is being lost or undervalued?

    2. Who does this problem most effect? Young people who have been Westernized? Poor people who depend on bamboo, but can no longer access it? Wisdom or old people whose stories are being lost?

    3. What happens if you don't intervene? What might be the cost of non-intervention?

    4. How do you know that this is a problem? Can you make connections to the people who are most effected. ---Either though non-profits or community-based groups? Maybe Vietnamese or Chinese-American organizations or even older individuals from those culture who maybe now live in the NYC area?

    Please give me your feedback. Be sure to go back and resubmit your Excel chart to reflect your new ideas, if you decide to pursuit this project and let me know how we can be more helpful.


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