• 24 Hour News Channel Blues

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    While researching the breakdown in communications in the wake of disaster it dawned on me about how god damn worthless our 24 hour news channels are. They will put the time in effort into regurgitating the same sensational BS over and over airwaves to point out how horrible the disaster is but they won't do shit. They will send reporters on scene if only to out do the other networks coverage.

    The question I ask is that if these mega network corporations have this global infrastructure of satellite, radio, TV phone etc, why the hell when a disaster hits, the best they can do is cover it. No one is better set up of facilitating a breakdown in communication than these mega networks. If you can send a buxom blond to report a flood with streaming live video, why can't they step in a help the Red Cross efforts communicate and coordinate between towns?

    I was trying to think of these systems I could implement that would help this situation and the answer dawned on me. The system is already there! Its just these assholes rather talk about death tolls and ratings grabbing survival stories than actually do what they are built for, COMMUNICATION!

    I remember our high school yearbook had a category, "person who talks the most and says the least" as in despite running their mouth they never actually said anything of substance. This is how I feel about our news networks. It is a high bandwidth stream of shit that can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I am so saddened that despite achieving this unprecedented level of global communication , the best we do in the States is letting the public know that Jamie Lynn Spears might be pregnant again (coughslutcough). Seriously? Is this the best we got?

    Hang it up 24 Hour News Networks

    Keep it up Jamie Lynn Spears. What we need right now is more redneck babies.

  • I totally agreed with you Anthony, I feel like the society is filled up with so much bs that majority of the population gossip, and concerned about what's happening with the others (ex. Brittney’s sister) when they really should be concerned is ourselves; what can we do to improve oneself instead of wasting time on the media. Personally, I think my topic may or may not relate to yours but you should look into human relationships as in how the world perceive on information, how do they react/adapt/and how they contribute for the world.

    This might help you with a better understanding on how we humans think and etc…

    thomas tan

  • When i watch a disaster on the news, all i need is five minutes and i know whats going on, i don't need them to repeat that story 30,000 times. How could they do more than just update of information on whats going on? I'm not sure what your thesis is but i wholeheartedly agree with you that the news is streaming video garbage. I also wonder, what is the love that people have with the news? You get my dad in front of a TV, that's pretty much the only thing he'll watch, he can watch the news for hours, including my step dad, my grandfather (whom if he doesn't have a TV he'll have a radio with the news playing)

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