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    He came up with and sketched these in 15 minutes.

    click here for bigger image.

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    Hi Serdar, I don't know exactly the nature of this assignment, but I like what I see in your sketches. I am especially intrigued by the idea of augmenting existing power plugs to add data about energy consumption. While this would require retrofitting all of the existing receptacles, it is not really that difficult, because the box inside the wall and the face plate on the surface of the wall would not need to change, just the socket itself. I know that there are ways of sending information over power lines, or even plumbing, without having to add additional cables. So, my next questions are: how does this work, what added value does it bring that justifies the expense of swapping out all of these outlets, and who pays for that? How would the data you collect be processed, and what kind of feedback could be generated by an automated system that would provide advice to the homeowner about how to reduce costs associated with power consumption? Or, could the house be configured to turn things on or off, or dim lights or turn off the AC depending on data collected autonomously by your apparatus? It could be an amazing invention, with significant market pull, if you can demonstrate that savings accrued through use of the system would pay for its implementation. steven

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    Serdar It could also be that you design a new surge protector that "wears" your innovation, and that this surge protector is the new purchase for existing buildings - this way we don't need to replace existing outlets. You could also design new outlets for anyone with a new construction to install. Could be great. As always, I love your drawings and I think that many of your ideas could be worked up into some fantastic new products. I love the idea of capturing motion energy in living creatures, whether that be birds or ourselves as we talked about in class. I also think you can combine many of these ideas into your thesis project - you could develop a line of products instead of just one item which I would be excited to see.

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    What a nice idea, Bridget. A surge protector or power strip with a display that shows real-time power consumption for each appliance that is plugged in to it. It would pay for itself because people would be more aware of their consumption (and its cost) and so they would be more careful about shutting things off when not in use, or buying equipment that used less energy. this would be a great thesis project! I can help Serdar develop an approach to carrying out further research into the technical issues surrounding this concept if this is something that he decides to pursue. steven.

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