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    The DESIGN 21 blog is a space where words build ideas and sentences call for change. So when you’re here, try thinking this:

    Writing is an act of design.

    Not just an element of design, not just part of the process, but design itself. The words in the DESIGN 21 blog build sentences that propose a shift, question models and hopefully create change. This blog sees design without borders and asks those thinkers and writers who do the same to share their ideas and experiences with us. Look for our roster of writers to include design professionals and thinkers worldwide, people who are pushing the idea of design into new disciplines, new media and new perspectives.

    For the debut of the DESIGN 21 blog, we’re thrilled to have recruited writer Jennifer Leonard, a big-thinker who is using her talents as a writer and researching to shed light not about the world of design, as she puts it, but the design of the world. Jennifer has worked for several years as a print journalist, radio broadcaster and design critic. She has co-authored the book Massive Change, a book about the future of global design, and is a writer and researcher at IDEO. In this post, her first to the DESIGN 21 blog, she writes, “Design – a glorious process and practice that often yields equally glorious products – began to take on the mixed consistency of fluid water, blue sky and rich soil. I soon realized I was no longer navigating ‘the world of design’; I was knee-deep in an elixir called ‘design of the world.’

    The story of social design is the story of people navigating through the world. If we think about these acts of navigation as design itself (do genetic engineers design? economists? truck drivers?), we’ll begin think differently about what design is, what it can do, and where it can go. We’ll find ourselves knee-deep in that elixir.

    Welcome to the conversation.

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