• Social Awareness in Graphic Design: Student Call To Action

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    Dear Fellow Design21 Network Individuals and Organizations:

    Having taught college-level graphic design students for several years now it has become apparent that our world is being turned over to a group of individuals who are largely naive to prominent issues facing our professions that impact society as a whole. In order to combat this problem and raise awareness to the need for a shift in their apathetic mindset, I have developed a course within our curriculum that exposes our design students to many varied ideas, theories, hypotheses, and idioms. By doing this it is my hope that the design students will become aware of their societal footprint and will begin to sculpt their impact toward the benefit of the consumers that they reach.

    As a component of the class, my students are required to establish a Design21 account and become familiar with some of the organizations affiliated with the network. Since they will be working on real-world collateral projects within the class and exploring topics that are interesting to them personally they may be contacting some of you for research purposes. I appreciate any help you can give them in advance.

    If you would like to learn more about the class or would like to explore our online environment please visit GD391 SOCIAL AWARENESS FOR GRAPHIC DESIGN.

    Again, thank you for your help and support in advance.

  • Katie,

    This is a fantastic development that I am pleased to discover. I have a whole wealth of contacts working on similar developments, and would be happy to assist with resources - if you would like to speak to me, please feel free to email KCAndr@gmail.com

    Best wishes, Kate.

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