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    kind of just a map of some sort (not very graphical) of all the things i have looked into, along with areas that can be looked into further. im not sure where i should be headed, or if i should keep researching this large field. I dont want to corner myself into anything, but i would be leaning towards bike vandalism as one of the major issues. If we can get people to not have to worry about bike vandalism, maybe more people would use bikes. the goal of my project should be to promote use of alternative transportation.

    I tried to get the larger image like Lee did, but it didnt work. If anyone wants to see a larger image of this where you can see what it says, let me know and i can email you the jpeg

  • I am eager to see what you think about the whole alternative transportation issue. please email me your jpeg to chiec000@newschool.edu

    There is a new hybrid bike that can go as fast as 80km/h in Germany. I think it is an intriguing concept as it challenges the boundary of what bicycle is commonly been interpreted.
    Can this become a transitional product for car driver to start going for bicycle?


  • You can use ImageShack service that allows you to upload images and share the link

    so everyone can see your image at larger format


  • In response to Interested in your research!!, posted by Chen You Chien,
    in the thread My Research

    hi Steve:

    This is a really great in between of Bike and Motorcycle I think there is some really good potential in there no CO2 produce by it, and can get to up to 80 km/h it's great

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