• Haru Haru Thesis Study #1

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    A resource list from William Eun-Sae Steinkraus' thesis project -Haru haru

    1. David Grary, AP Aational Writer
    2. Adoptioninstitue.org
      • 46% are adopted within one year
      • 43% are adopted within 1-4 years
      • 8% are adopted 5-6 years
      • 3% are adopted after 9 years old
    3. American Adoption Congress
      • 73% adoptee want to know why they were given up
      • 65% want to meet bio-parents
      • 94% want to know what bio-parents looks like
    4. Adopting.org
    5. Asian Adoption on the Rise
    6. Dana E Johnson MD.PhD
      • Adopt child as young as possible to pursue parenting experience.
    7. National Adoption Attitudes Survey
    8. US Department of State
    9. Adoption History Project
    10. www. Adoptionservices.org
    11. International Adoption project Survey

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