• Design Criteria



    Users and ease of use: I think it is important to know who want to use my potential product. It can be a starting point for me to decide what kind of potential product I want to do. It is also important to me to have product that is easy to use. Therefore, knowing the backgrounds such as their nationality, economic status, educational level, or age group, is important.

    Form: I always believed form of a product should be interesting enough to attract people’s attention. Functions should be contained in the form but still it should have unique personality.

    Ergonomics: User’s comfort is also important to me that the potential product should have ergonomically friendly form.

    Function: Function is a heart of whole product because it is solution for its problem.

    Materials: I believe material decision is a key point for whole product. Appropriate use of materials will result my potential product to be successful.

    Ethics: I find ethics of design is extremely important because it is directly relating to users’ emotion and their life style, and I respect them.

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