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    Education, Industrial Design

    For my thesis criteria are quite simple, I would like to focus on these following steps.

    -Intensive research on human behaviors, relationships. 1.Interviewing family members, peers, and random people. 2.Working with NFP. 3.Applying my personal experiences into my thesis. 4.Fliming/Observing human behaviors, relationships through out my first semester of researching. 5.Getting more resources from magazines, articles, books, movies and etc… 6.Read/Research everyday. Constantly analyzing products that are related to my thesis topic to get a better understanding and a variety of projects i could look forward to do.

    -Design wise I like to design products to speak for its function. 1.Designing with an open mind and not being bias and take criticism well. 2.Ergonomics/ease of use. 3.Green materials/materials usage. 4.Functional final model/inspirational form. 5.Coloring choices. 6.Focusing on a specific age group. 7.Packaging. 8.Distrubution. 9.Story board/Poster 10.Drawing/Designing everyday.

    Lastly, time management is one of my problems and I’m going to work on that as well.

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