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    Design for its function, and yet having an identity, is important to me as a designer.

    NIKE-split Hoodies/Track Jackets -Made out of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. -Optional of switching and mismatching the garments with the same sizes only; an interactive product between two or more users. -$80, targeted towards Sneakerheads, and everyone. -Affordable

    NIKE-Hyper dunks/Basketball shoes -Uses the least amount of materials to construct a basketball sneaker through tensile fibers (Nike FLYfit tech) aka. “FLY WIRE technology.” The reinforcements of the hidden wires provide you with extreme support while decreasing the weight of the shoe. -LIGTHEST basketball shoe ever 12.9 oz. -And it’s at a reasonable price - $110.

    Q Drum -It is made out of linear low density polyethylene, I believe its manufactured through rotational molding. -Water is a natural resource but how do you carry it with out sewage systems in the rural part of the countries; how does it work? One can store water in the blue donut shape container then PULL the Q Drum with a rope, therefore the container acts like a wheel while one is walking and pulling. -People who have direct resources of water, and can be pulled by more than one person. -Price-unknown.

    SHIFT bicycle -A bicycle that brought back the training wheels and made it seem cool but in an unusual approach by having two symmetrical wheels in the back of the bike where it shift to fit the needs of the user. “At rest or slow speeds, the wheels provide a larger stance for better balance. As the child builds forward momentum, weight is redistributed, causing the wheels to shift inward.” Shift bicycle by Matthew Grossman/industrial designer. -Materials- I believe is some sort of metal, and rubber. -Cost-unknown.

    Kor one hydration vessel -It is a simply more aesthetic pleasing portable water bottle that could be re-used and save the world by refilling water into that bottle and yet it looks Great, and ease of use; opening water bottle cap by pressing once on the cap. An opener that is wide enough for ice cubes and your mouth to quench your thirst at any situation. -Materials- not polycarbonate (which is used in most reusable water bottles.) and also you can find Bisphenol-A (BPA)-harmful material that has linked to cancer and etc… -It is made out of a new plastic called the Eastman Tritan and is free of (BPA). -Cost-29.95. 750mL. -Affordable/life lasting product.

  • Thomas,I think you have a really nice range of products. They are sort of the 'better' versions of the originals and I think this means that they had more thought behind them than the ordinary ones. It's always inspiring to see successful reinventions of products that we are used to and really makes redesigning process as valuable as coming up with something new.

    Thanks for getting me thinking.

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