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    Communication, Industrial Design


    Balloon Mouse (conceptual): Designed by Bongkun Shin, Heungkyo Seo, Jiwoong Hwang & Wooteik Lim Formal: It is simple and funky. A small flexible pcb board which houses all the elctro-goodies, a slim-profile USB connector/cable, and an inflatable plastic body. Functional: It is smaller than other general mouse to be carried easily.

    Icon Watch: Formal: simple and clean shape wrist watch. Functional: it gives simple information: time. Size: 1.25h x 1.25"w; Band: .75"w. Cost: $75. It is affordable.

    Lego Webcam: Formal: The Lego Webcam is a 2×2 Lego brick which has a tiny cam fixed within it. There’s a 50cm long cable which can be connected to your computer using the USB port. $79

    Nike IPOD Sport Kit: Formal: Simple rounded shape tracking product. Functional: It gives signal to iPod nano to track your progress, providing feedback on distance, time, pace and calories burned directly through headphones. Cost: $29 It is affordable

    Window Alarm: Formal: simple and clean shape alert product. Functional: It gives awareness to people when windows open. Ethical: it is simple to set up and use for varies age users. Cost: $7.99. It is affordable.

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