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    An existing project that could relate to my thesis topic is the NIKE split hoodie; a pattern that was inspired by a windbreaker now its made into a cotton fabric made hoodie that could separate into two halves.
    One may ask, “Why did Nike install two zippers in the front and back of the hoodie? “ The answer to that is simple, NIKE focused on life style targets; Sneakerheads (meaning a person who is well knowledgeable of the history of sneakers and has a collection of their own, basically they would do anything for sneakers.) Knowing that Sneakerheads would not just buy one pair of shoes, they would go all out and buy a couple of the same ones or even different colors just to keep in their collection. However, it is the same of having three of these limited released hoodies, you could possibility have nine different looks through combinations of the six halves. On top of that you could even exchange or trade with friends or strangers who have the same sizes, and that shows how Nike is also trying to help us learn how to share and interact with the others through our garments. Its simply walking up to a basketball court and pick up a five on five, you tend to socialize to other teammates and opponents; this hoodie has the same concept. However, personally I prefer one main zipper on all garments, having two zippers is just a hassle to separate and manufacture and production wise would just take longer to make and cost more. So by designing the garment that could split into two halves with one main zipper, and uses alternative ways to disassemble would be fantastic and user friendly.

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