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    The one subject that I care the most about and have a passion to do research on is human relationships. As a designer, I often think of alternative ways to improve a product through ergonomics, user friendly, distributions, material usage and so on but what really intrigue me as a designer is that a fully understanding of myself and what I love to do before I worrying about other problems to solve. Knowing the design thesis project for Product Design is to find out a problem through researching and having a product in the end that solves the problem you’ve discovered. After four weeks of thesis class I finally realized what I wanted to do, So I jumped straight into human relationships where most and all people have experienced problems in the past.

    Through this research project, I want to be able to fully understand human behaviors and how to design one to become a better person and express their true identity. That narrows the topic to defining yourself as a person and also improving yourself having interactions with the others. I truly believe that our image and characteristic can be identify as a reflection image of others that has a relationship with us, due to the process of socializing, experience, living environments in depth through interacting with strangers, family, friends.

    A general problem in human relationship is that the question of “who am I?” the challenge comes in when you are trying to find yourself and who you are as a person within the relationship between you and the others. People tend to be influenced and precede their decisions through the others, and forget to be self determine towards the things that they care about. Following that trend of depending on other people in a relationship would just put yourself into an abyss and never be able to reach the entrance of the abyss, and in doing so a person would tend to let the others to decide for them and not knowing that they should love and believe in themselves first.

    I would like to do more research on human behaviors, and getting into psychological aspects of human beings and also quantum physics in the setting of different environments as well. And through this research project for thesis is also benefiting by having a better understanding of myself. I feel like this topic would relate to all of us in the world, and make us love ourselves and exceed to pursuit of love, confidence, happiness, sharing, knowledge, motivations, inspirations and etc.

  • Hi Tom, your topic is fascinating, but super wide. Actually reminds me of my own concept..

    I am still wondering though what kind of human interaction are you most interested in investigating..

    -interaction on the subway (like the video Linda showed us)

    • courtship (senior seminar flashback) -parents with their children
    • friends -strangers in the street?

    what age groups? where do these people live?

    the culture these people come from will have a vast impact on the way they interact.. or maybe you are interested in investigating the interactions of people who come together from different cultures..

    Again, this topic could be thrilling. But i think you have to narrow it down. in fact, me telling you this makes me think i need to go narrow my topic down..

    hope this helped!

  • Damn Thomas the Philosopher. Your area of interest is huge man. The "who am I" question is a fantastic journey but a bit of a mind fuck at times. If you have the time you definitely need to read some Descartes. But yeah I think it is a good direction but like Lee mentioned you need to reel this giant slippery bitch of a fish in a little bit before you can really grab hold of it. I am interested to see where you go with this.

    One of my favorite modern ironies is that we have more ways than ever to share who we are and communicate with others around the world, yet we we try to communicate over the shortest distance, our own internal rumination, we are still as fucked as ever. I think the area of sport is a great form of personal identification. People ally themselves to sports teams as a form of identity. It is almost a way of belonging to tribe. I especially feel this being a football (soccer) fan in the States. When I run into another person with a Man U jacket or jersey I immediately feel a bond with them.

    Anyway dude, the short answer to this all is watch the Jackie Chan movie, "Who Am I" it should answer all of your questions.

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