• Design Criteria

    Communication, Industrial Design

    • Function: My goal is for the product to prevent children not to become missing children. I want to try to understand how children think, observe through their perspective, and behave when they run into unfamiliar situations for them. At this point, I think the function is my challenge. The function could helps children not to get lost their way, shows how to do after they become lost, or aids parents keep in touch with their children.

    • Form: Form follows the function. The form will be interesting and attractive shape to children. It won’t be a form that gives children a feeling that they are tracked or observed by their children. In addition, it will be natural to their outfit, underwear, or body in other to carrying it all the time.

    • Color & Materials: Colors should be attractive and for children and changeable not to give bore to children. Material must be safe and non-toxic for children. It also relies on the function of my design.

    • Cost: Cost is very important part for me because I want my product to be affordable to a wide range of income levels. There are no parents in the world who desire their children to become lost or who do not worry about their children when they cannot connect each other for even a while. Therefore, my product should be affordable.

    • Technology: At this point, I want to keep my product relatively high-tech. However, my product is going to be affordable for most children in the world, so I will adjust the technology between high and low-tech.

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