• Des. Cri.

    Communication, Industrial Design

    Given the areas of interest I am pursuing I think the form of my product needs to be approachable, straight forward, and informative. The form needs to communicate the function especially if illiteracy is present. Hopefully the form will be strong enough to eliminate the need for excessive graphics or labeling.

    The function of my thesis is going to be absolutely essential. By diving into the realm of communication and data or info delivery through the use of technology it becomes mission essential that the product works reliably, easily and effectively. Without the active functioning of the product the entire thing becomes worthless.

    Ergonomics will be dealt with in a similar fashion as form. It will have to compliment the form an not compete with or sacrifice any of the function. In addition, the ergonomics might reflect more on how the product fits into the persons life more than the palm of their hand.

    Material are still very much to be determined an will likely rely on the use of recycled plastics due to their light weight, durability, affordability and effective housings of electronics

    Cost is also an important factor. By targeting developing areas it is important that the product is cheap enough to be bought on the consumer level or priced properly enough that it could be supported through the state or goverment.

    Technology will be the linchpin of the product. It will need to utilize all of the current and developing communication bands and other effective distribution and networking systems.

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