• Voyeurism is Underrated

    Community, Industrial Design


    The are I observed was a large intersection of courtyards between two apartment buildings. The T intersection not only sees a lot of foot traffic, it is also a common area of congregation, throughout all times of the day and night. By observing from a 6th floor terrace overlooking the entire area I was able to observe without affecting anything.
    The T intersection is flanked by Bodegas that a lot of people leaving the buildings would go to to purchase something. Many times the person would interact with someone else on the street, a greeting, a stop and chat or a passing hand shake.
    One of the issues that I noticed is that as I re observed during night time that less people congregated because of a presence of a security officer. I recall the times before a security officer was present the amount of people standing around was large even at 1am. Now the traffic is more passing late into the evening and people stand around of different corners. I think by designing a better lit and safer area for pedestrians the addition of a security guard wouldn't be needed. Since he is not an actual armed police officer he is essentially there for the illusion of safety. I think it would be better if the space itself could be organized in a way that would eliminate the guard.

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