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    Invisible social activity & Bicycle delivery guy

    Delivery guy who carry documents or packages ride the bicycle doing delivery service. This invisible social activity can make people closer, and it provides social activity. There are some important characters with bicycle delivery service. first, speed is different, because it is faster than regular mail. Second, because of using bikes to delivery, it is limited distance and areas. According these perspective, bicycle delivery guy service changes the way of social and communication, and it also extend social space form the one place to other place. Because of speed, people can delivery objects back and forward many time in one day.

  • Sam, I am interested in your observation and wonder if you have more data on such activities?

    What kind of bike delivery service did you observed? How do you approach them for observation? Are they all from the same company? If they were, do they all have the same bicycle in terms of size, Accessories and equipment? How long do the deliveries usually take?

    Many Thanks,


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