• Design criteria

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    Form: 1.Form should be intuitive enough for users to understanding how it works without complicated instructions. 2. Products should be designed based on ergonomic form study to provide a comfortable physical experience of products. 3. Since form is the first contact to consumers when products are released in the market, form should be intriguing enough to stand out among others and to draw peoples’ eye.

    Function: Function of products should be considered in the first place, because products are supposed to provide functions in some forms. They can be a physical functions (furniture etc) or intangible system (computer programs etc). Whatever forms they take, functions are the goal that designers have to achieve through products.

    Materials: So many innovative products has derived from innovative materials over the design history. Notice how Eames designed a series of great chairs using cutting –edge technologies and materials at that time. Some of his works couldn’t have come true without new materials and technologies. To me, the exploration of new materials is one of the most important design processes. With a global concern with ecology, materials should have as less impact on the environment as possible.

    Production: Designers should consider how much impact on environment they have in a production phase and try to reduce it as much as possible. In this sense, designing products does not mean dealing with end products. It has to involves material choice, production method, and distribution method etc,,,

    Price: There is nothing better than cheap products, but designers have to be careful that the quality of products deteriorates due to cutting corners on the cost of materials.

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