• Lawrence's Design Criteria

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Function I’m interested in products that are benefited from many aspects: material, user, manufacture and environment. A successful product has to have clear direction of where the function and goal is through the medium of design and the designer’s experience and knowledge.

    Form Form is a very important element in every design. Yet, depending on the purpose of the design and the direction the design is moving toward, the level of aesthetic perspective should be adjust.

    Materials Material is playing a vital role in my design since I’m focusing on sustainable design. I believe waste or what people call “garbage” can be beautiful and attractive through the medium “DESIGN” I would like to design products that have a smooth connection between the material and what the design is. The bridge between the product and the material will be thinking about how to bring up the most beautiful element of the material.

    Cost The cost has to be affordable for everyone because this is not about mass-producing a product but also a sustainable design camping. The more people admire it the more close to people’s stereotype for green products. Also, my design has to have the sense of slow design value in it. It should be tread as precious as a treasure.

    Technology Technology is absolutely important in my design principle. In the past people used different skills and tools to make a finish product. Since technology is developing so fast and efficient that we should take the advantage of technology as a handy tool. It doesn’t mean we forget about the skills or techniques people used to do. I believe there should be a balance point between them.

    Packaging By the time goes, we as product designers learned how much waste packaging have been creating. I would like to consider packaging as part of my product design. Even though flat-pack furniture is a good design for transporting, they do need a lot of cardboard to protect it. After all, they are all thrown away. If we can design the packaging as part of the product, how nice that will be.

    A nice link about* sustainable design:*


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