• My Elastic & Organic map

    Well-being, Communication Design


    see large map

    My new map keeps much of the integrity and the ideas that first one did. As i do not have concrete facts and values to base my map upon, i dont feel it is right to design a map that seems quantitative or is based on quantitative information. Therefore, i used more organic lines to illustrate the elasticity of the information.

    I labeled where I hope my thesis would 'be' in white.

    The main difference between this and the previous map is that here i rated the subjects that matter to me the most, and divided the designs based on the criteria I gave myself. I found that the four most important things to me are (in order of importance)

    1. functionality
    2. Ethics
    3. Accessibility (other 90%)
    4. cost

    this helped me to make the map more readable and make much more sense in the way it is organized.

  • it has a amoeba cell like look to it, like its morphing into some radically cool shape. its pleasant to my eye : )

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