• Street Observation

    Communication, Communication Design


    • What did you observe in the physical space? : I think 5th Av, 13th St is a little crowd street because there are many students from parsons and they pass on the street every time. I saw many people walking around the street and many parsons students sat on the stairs, tilted place under the window, or stood up in other to smoking, drinking, or talking. Moreover, I saw a driver get off from his car, put some coins into the parking meter, and then check the parking meter.

    • What did you observe in the social/interactions? : When I observed one group of students nearby windows, two of them sitting on the tilted place under the window, others were standing. Some of them were drinking a cup of coffee and smoking. They seemed they had fun with conversations and enjoyed the sunshine in cold weather.

    • Did you observe any issues/problems in physical and social space? : At that time, there were four students in a group. While I was observing the students, I realized that when some students sit, the others stand. I think because they want to face to face when they have conversation, but there are no chairs in front of the tilted place under the window. If they sit in a line, they will be bothered to have conversation by their bodies or heads.

    • How can design address those issues/problems? : We could design folding chairs that students could take out easily from the wall. It can be installed inside of the wall not to bother walking people on the street. The chair could give great comfort to students who want to have conversation with each others.

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