• design criteria

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Form : form is make project look more interesting and playful. Each step has their own syllable which provides elegance sound. Not only does it provide sound, but it also appears excited movement vision. I would like to say the form follow function, and it make crash can more friendly.

    Function: it is not like typical crash can, the designer uses every day use object to improve it’s functionality. First, it uses human power to make a ball drop into steps. When people throw crash into a can, they can hear elegance sound at the same time. Given this function, it makes throw crash more entertainment ,and it encourage people doing it more.

    Materials: it is mad by steel and wood which are recycle material. It has flexibility to make different shapes and forms. When a product life is ending, it can be recycle doing melting and cutting to reuse again.

    Energy: since it uses human power, it doesn’t use any energy source.

    Size: it is important to provide assembly function in order to reduce shipping cost and wasting energy using.

    Price: it can be reduce cost, if manufacture use damage xylophone.

    here is video http://www.notcot.com/archives/2008/09/xylophone_bin.php

  • I think this design criteria is very interesting with the meaning of make diferents use in one design, but why did u chose a crash can? I dont complitly understand what is the other funtion of the crash can?? Can you explain this point better? I think people like funtional design and if you found something playfull will be ineresting. I want to know more about your thesis idea.

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