• Basic General Design Criteria

    Environment, Industrial Design

    Function: Most of the time use of and the necessity for a product is the reasoning of its existence. My vision in design is to take the consumerism out of product design. I see the products that are designed to fall apart, break or need repair as badly designed products. We do not live in an era where designing for failure and excessive profit is acceptable. A product should be designed to function, as it should for a long as possible. The product also should function with the specific environment in consideration. Thinking of our world now, a product should work with requirements like Energy Star certification if it uses electricity. The functioning should not bring the necessities to the world but perhaps eliminate.

    Form: Form should follow the function and the user’s needs. It is only the second most important aspect of an object visible to the untrained eye of the user. It is the charisma and the beauty of an object that usually creates the emotional connection with an object. The form creates instant associations in the user’s mind. A pasta dish with colors green white and red and culinary terms written in Italian perhaps has the impact of creating the illusion of being a great pasta chef or cooking the traditional, correct way when used. Therefore the form of the object should create the right association and should be tempting for the right reasons. Form also includes size, weight, ergonomics and texture. All of these are the parts of the ‘recipe’ for the right form created for the right user or universal design criteria.

    Production: A product must be produced with materials most suitable and durable for the function and the form of the object using the most appropriate materials and production techniques with the least impact on the environment. Material selection should consider the preciousness of the material and its place in the environmental balance. Processes should be thought carefully to be conscious about the after life of the materials by not causing down-cycling and keeping them in the most appropriate state and value to be re-used. Assembly techniques, adhesives, finishes should therefore be enabling re-use.

    Price and Retail: Pricing of a product is something that the general public is getting more and more aware of with the emergence of cheaper alternatives and retail techniques such as sales. The mark-ups had become so extreme despite the new technologies allowing cheaper production and this creates unfair trade and class differences globally. The pricing should be set so that the amount paid by the consumer is distributed fairly amongst the steps of the products pre-consumer state.

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