• 55th Ave Entrance

    Community, Communication Design


    On the Monday observation I started from people’s behavior first than moved on to things around my observing area. In front of the entrance, 65 5th Ave, there are only two kinds of people: Parsons students and pedestrians. I found out that the entrance is not as popular as the 2W 13th street in terms of the dynamic of students, but there are more pedestrians. Usually, outside of the entrance is where student taking break and getting fresh air. What those students do are chatting, smoking, and resting. From this point of view, the entrance becomes a resting area of students.

    Thinking about what does a resting area need? Chairs, tables, ashtray, garbage cans, water fountain, music and reading materials are all the things a normal resting area has. It is a question mark how I can transform those things I just mentioned into a public area like school entrance.

    In this case, design comes in a super handy tool as a media between two things; in other words, design can help people to transform an object in private space into public space. The biggest issue for me between private space and public space is security. One is the materials after purified, and the other one is totally open and natural. In other words, the private space only has certain people are working or moving, but the public space has all kinds of people and different activities which are literally open to everyone and everything such as weather.

    By adding more short information or news about school or design for students and pedestrians know what is going on in the design field or school activity. This action provides students and pedestrians the latest notification while they are resting or passing by. Some relaxing music play only during certain hours a day, the rush hours for students in order for students feel they do relax while they are on break. A temporary sitting object is a good idea too. People would like to get some fresh air on a place they can sit down. Once again, how we can make this space more efficient and useful instead of merely an entrance.

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