• MY motivation- design criteria that moves me

    Poverty, Industrial Design


    Simply- Non Zero Sum Game

    Not create more More MORE STUFF Make people smile Create objects/ systems that work with Humans. That is what I truly care about- people. And their goodness. “human beings are fundamentally good” and my mission is to make it as true and possible. And that is by making people believe it. Humanity is my business. Act when others are passive.

    And- its not ‘how can we?’ its ‘how can we make them?’

    Economic development has to be OF the people By the people For the people

    SHARE. Stronger together.

    The seemingly impossible is possible

    Think beyond the obvious.

    Not- can we be optimistic But- can we give hope to a billion people

    I know I went off topic but I would like to keep the above, and maybe answer some more questions..

    Materials - no real rules. I do like using materials that are not commonly used, and ones that derive from nature, not machine/ chemically made, preferably.

    Impact- GOOD. as positive as possible. A ‘positive sum game’, as Robert Wright would say. To what degree? The highest. “why be good when you can be great?”

    Function- The product will have to completely fulfill the function it came to serve. Without a function, to whatever degree, it is useless and a waste.

    Form- not the most important characteristic, but highly important. Has to be attractive visually and physically for people. Without this basic attraction and relation to the form, people will not use the design. Also related to the function. No beautification or decoration beyond basic fulfillment of the need.

    Ergonomics- I love biology, and humans. And I think one of the worst mistakes is designing a product for humans that did not consider the human body, its beauty and limitations.

    Colour- does not matter, only to serve the function better.

    Size- the scale that fits the project. Any.

    Price- The price would relate to my audience. The consumer. It may be expensive and purchased by donations to be installed to people in developing countries or very cheap, and something that individuals or villages could possibly buy themselves.

    Use- operated by a human. Or a couple of humans.

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