• Design criteria


    Form: the form of my project needs to be very clear to understand but also be suited in daily life. Compared to the affordance of ordinary people and the affordance of the targets, probably the situation of my target is a little bit more limited than other people.

    Size: the size, in other words scale in my project is important and it should be in the category of personal area, which is not only one person, but also two or small number of people. The problem in between caretakers and patients is not only one or specific couple, this can be said many of them. However, the focal point is not about such a whole system of nursing care, because the problem which should be solved is about such a small area between partners.

    Function: the function in my project does not mean my design changes their life. The design should be support or giving a bridge to sustain their communication. Communication: the communication is my main theme for now and this is a fundamental function of my design. Many designers who I respect noted that the form follows its function, and there must be direct connection between function and communication with their affordance.

    Cost: the question is what the cost and value is for caretaker and patient. This is related to affordance. In reality, their family care about the cost which they have to pay for nursing care and its returned value to the patient and his or her family. From the sight of patient’s vision, their value is more about their life, in other words, their daily good life. The true value at this point comes from their contentment of life.

    User: now I am not in practical research in real situation such as hospital or facilities yet, but there are mainly two or three users, caretaker, patient, and family. The focal point is between caretaker and patient, but this is from just objective view, therefore, the range of target should be based on reality.

    Material and cost of product: the material is also important because whether the product of my project is in between caretaker and patient or outside of them, they must touch the product directly. The material should be safe for human, durable, and sustainable. However, the cost of the product should be also thought about sustainability in its system of production. How they made, how they address to the consumer (target), and how it cycles.

    updated my another mapping here, please check

    Personal note: affordance n sustainability r connected

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