• Design Research Outline: Brett Allcorn

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    -General research \ contact with NFP to narrow down areas

    -Ethnography, first, second, third person research through drawings, writing, pictures, and video

    -Organization of ideas, determining patterns and potential problems, this includes maps, charts, graphs, ect.

    -More first/second/third research, secondary sources, interviews, polls, and questionnaires

    -Supporting or moving away from previous patterns and opportunities

  • Brett, I apologize in advance if I am wrong about this, but it appears to me that there is nothing in your blog posts that reveals your specific interests regarding the thesis project. I see from your bibliography that you have been looking into interesting sources that deal with important questions, and I was intrigued enough to review everything on your blog to see what I could learn; but I still don't know. Is this because you haven't gotten around to post about your actual project, or because you are having difficulty in narrowing down possibilities and making some decisions? Please give me an update of where you are, and how you propose to proceed from here. steven

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