• observation sketches - 66 5th Ave "bird's eyes overview"

    Communication, Environmental Design


    This observation is based on the linked videos in my previous observation posts.

    I've noticed that the students daily routine of occupying the outer space of the school, and the infrastructure of the street in front of the 66 5th Ave entrance, are a "deadly" combination for pedestrians walking on the sidewalk.

    First, students who sit on the low window frames block the way on the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to go around the group that sits next to each window frame.(very problematic and surprising to people who come from the direction of 2W 13th street building turning south bound to the 66 5th ave. entrance)

    Second, many students use their mobile phones and cameras (like me...) and while doing that hey sand still - in the middle of the sidewalk...another obstacle for the rushing pedestrians. (whoever use their mobile phones go to the middle of the sidewalk to avoid all the noise created by the students on the window frames and entrance steps)

    Third, the bicycle parking is located in front of the 66 5th ave. entrance and by that narrowing, even more,the distance between the groups sitting on the entrance steps and the bicycles parked in the designated parking place.

    Fourth, the sidewalk path to the zebra crossing on the south-west corner of the junction is blocked by a garbage bin, a light post and a post office box. The road's sewage drain is also located exactly on the zebra crossing path. All of the above prevent from pedestrian and especially disabled people to approach and cross the road safely.

    The image attached tells the story of 3 different persons, with 3 different routes and how they manage their ways through the given space, which changes depending on the hour and the school's activity.

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