• Observation sketches - 66 5th Ave disabled entrance

    Communication, Environmental Design


    As i wrote in my previous observations post, the disabled entrance in 66 5th ave. building is problematic due to 3 major design and planning facts:

    1. The left banister stops at a crucial point - a left turn, on a slope.

    2. The lane makes a very narrow 90 degrees turn (while losing the left banister...)

    3. The building entrance door opens outwards, which means the person who tries to open it has to PULL the door. This is becoming harder when you are sitting in a wheelchair and there is a short safe distance to the stairs behind you!


    1. A wider lane for wheelchairs.
    2. Banisters all the way from both sides.
    3. No sharp turns on a slope (there could be a 90 degrees turn, but then it is safer to create a horizontal platform to turn on and then continue the gradient).
    4. Doors that open inward / automatic doors / sliding doors - disable persons can push / slide to enter.

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