My personal goal: my passion

    Issue 1: Music education/ practice space: accessibility (public & private space)

    Issue 2: Sedentary life & Aging

    Final Project: Music Education, Health and Well Being, Physical Therapy.

    What is your Thesis issue?

    1 : Music Education/ Practice space

    Inner city musicians alike have limited options for play space.

    2: Sedentary Life & Aging:

    • What do we really know about our health?
    • Do we only go to the doctor when we are sick?
    • Who is taking care of you?

    Final Project: Is there a way to make public play spaces viable in the city?

    Music Therapy, Aging and Physical Therapy.

    What aspect of the issue will your project address?

    1 Music Education/Practice space:

    Does practice space necessitate real-estate?

    The effects of sound/music on the body.

    2 Sedentary Life & Aging:

    Do we know how healthy we are? Can physical therapy inform our decisions?

    -Alexander Technique Can you teach a person how to use their body?

    Final Project: Can public play spaces encourage physical activity? Can music be universally learned and promoted by an infrastructure?

    What is your project?

    1 Music Education/ Practice space:

    My project is to design a solution for inner city youth to practice in public space. I will explore the effects of music on the mind, as well as brainstorm portable isolation concepts.

    2 Sedentary Life & Aging:

    My project is to design public space objects/infrastructure to promote spontaneous physical interaction. I will highlight body strengthening exercises, by private use health objects; forms which engage the body (ex: Drum set)

    Final project: My final project will create objects and public/social space infrastructure/ concepts. -conceptual spaces, and objects.

    Who will benefit most from your design?

    1 Music Education/ Practice space:

    Kids who want to play an instrument and don’t know how to go about it.

    -Someone with limited funding for a home studio/ practice space. -people/musicians on the subway, bus, or street. -People in transit.

    2 Sedentary Life & Aging:

    Adolescents and the Aging

    • People who feel they don’t exercise enough.
    • People that worry about health rather than engaging in the process of learning how to become healthy.
    • Those interested in maintenance of the body.

    Final Project: People with spontaneous curiosity People deficient of endorphins

    How will they benefit?

    1 Music Education/ Practice space:

    They will have freedom to play to music in transit, or in a dedicated play space.

    2 Sedentary Life & Aging:

    They will build knowledge about physical therapy routines to strength train the body. They will be physically fit, and dexterous.

    Final Project: They will go in and out of reality with an object or interior, resolving performance anxieties due to sound and the public sphere.

    What are some of their characteristics? (social, physical, economic, geographic, etc.)

    1 Music Education/ Practice space

    -Storage of equipment -Use of equipment -Transportation/ Equipment

    • shared space -electricity -Touch screens -audio/visual/computer

    2 Sedentary Life & Aging

    -Computing -information technology

    • Simple body objects

    Final project:

    • Touch screens
    • Sensuous objects
    • Bodily interaction

    What is the underlying assumption that connects your project and issue? (If my project happens the_will happen)

    1 Music Education/ Practice space:

    If my project happens then people will have a growing relationship with music.

    2 Sedentary Life & Aging:

    If my project happens then people will have more options for maintaining their bodies.

    Final Project: If my project happens then people will have more options to build a relationship to music and their bodies.

    What’s at stake?

    1 Music Education/ Practice space:

    Losing musical ability. Missing the rewarding, enriching experiences of playing music.

    2 Sedentary Life & Aging:

    Poor health, decreased motivation, depression. Bodily fatigue, risk of disease.

    Final Project: Mental and physical well- being. Spontaneity, communication.

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