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    Poverty, Industrial Design


    Lee Winfield

    My Passion: Allow all people access to clean water

    Thesis issue: The lack of clean water in some parts of the world

    What aspect of this issue will your project address: Collection of water through natural resources

    What is your project: unclear at the moment…

    Who will benefit most from your design: some people who currently don’t have access to clean drinking water who could have access to my design. (Realistically, I will gain the most from this design. From the process of making it and dreaming it.)

    How will they benefit: they will have some more clean water available to them by developing an understanding of how to create access for themselves

    Some of their characteristics: Make less that 5 dollars a day (the other 90%)

    Underlying assumption: (too many!!) -Clean drinking water will improve people’s lives and health. -that my intended audience have access to my design

    What’s at stake: PEOPLE ARE DYING and UNHAPPY because they don’t have access to the most natural resource on earth necessary for life

    What non profits do you think you want to work with & their missions: Huge list that never ends.. but this is for now i had a hard time letting the ones that didnt have branches in nyc stay out of this list (hundreds of fascinating orgs around the world)

    1. Oxfam action corps NYC. working to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice worldwide.
    2. Sierra Club. NYC Public interest organization promotes conservation of natural environment through public education
    3. Charity:water Bring safe and clean drinking water to people in developing countries
    4. Global water fund Providing water solutions for the world How will the non profits help my project: I really hope they could be my eyes in zones of the world I have never visited. Criticize my designs and open my eyes to certain issues.

    Next step: figure out that it is that I can help with.. NO IDEA..

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