• Obervations @W!# (2W13)



    1. What did you observe in the physical space? I observed the way the aluminum windows were designed on the outside of the 2W13th street building that they are on a slight angle, making one perch, rather than sit. If one chose to sit it would be uncomfortable for the long term. There are governemnt parking signs, trash bins on the corner, fire hydrants, postal box.

    2. What did you observe in the social space/interactions? I observed some lone sitting people enjoying a cigarette, listening to music, Writing in notebooks, and many people taking photos observing the area. Traffic flow is pretty consistent. At the outside of the 2W13th street building, clusters of people would occur to talk or smoke together socially. There was also this lady who dropped a garbage bag next to the fire hydrant, and then picked it up and walked westward towards 6th ave (dashed line with arrows)

    1. Did you observe any issues/problems in physical and social space?** The largest issue i saw was the entrnace to our building causes alot of problems with people entering and exiting past the small clusters of people gathering socially on the steps. Also, where can the put the cigarette butts when finished smoking. As Mike Tseng mentioned. I believe that to be a problem, even though they did just put in a ash tray last week to the right of the 2W13th entrance. But like Mike Said, peopl just like to flick them. Its also annoying for people that are easily affected by cigarette smoke when they walk out of the building 4. How can design address those issues/problems? I was wondering, if the window frames were made for "Short Term Perching" Why not include an ash tray in them someplace in the design. this way people would gather there and dispose of their cigarettes more properly

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