• Design Criteria / Oz Etzioni

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    My design criteria are divided to 2 main groups.

    -1. External - Aesthetics characteristics
    -2. Internal - Functional characteristics

    For the first part - Aesthetics characteristics:

    Form - the attraction between user and object, the level of joy and comfort the object gives its user during usage, and how the object affects the user's image in the eyes of the surrounding society.

    Texture- It is a kind of a language and connection between user and object. it helps the user to use the object.It sometimes helps distinguish between objects or versions/types.

    Color- As a cultural significance color is important. It is also a way to attract and convince the user to try and use the product.

    The second part of the criteria - Functional characteristics:

    Affordability - so that the designated user would be able to purchase / manufacture the product themselves.

    Money saver / income generator - the product helps save money or generate a certain income by its function.

    Cultural acceptable - the product does not change any cultural behavior, and it is acceptable among its user. the product integrates and adapts the existing cultural standards.

    Durability & Physical Strength - designed for outdoors conditions, massive usage and hard handling. The product should survive and continue to function for a long determined period of time.

    Portability - light, comfortable to carry and transport by hand or other low-tech possibilities.

    Maintenance - The product / product's parts are replaceable or can be re-made by the user in a short period of time without any financial lost.

    Environmental Sustainability - The materials used are all local, and the kinds that don't create a negative impact on the environment, even in a large production scale.

    Energy - The product is based on a human energy source and not requiring any electrical / fuel consuming power source

    User oriented product - the product should be easy to install / use. It shouldn't require any additional instruments to function.

  • Oz, what did you think of the guy who responded to your posting about skateboarding amputees? I checked him out at his website. He seems like a nut, but I like what he said in his bio:

    "I am severely disabled with MS,Spinal,Various Arthritises',Lowered Im- mune System,Cancer, Muscular Atrophy,Totally Blind, Severely Hearing Impaired...I won't bore you with it all, but you get the picture?! BUT I LOVE LIFE MAN!!!"

    I must admit that, in the midst of this economic meltdown and a very uncertain future, I kind of know what he means. I feel like I am personally ready for whatever happens next, including a complete realignment of society and the world. Clearly, the US has abandoned its central role in the world, and must now drastically scale back its military and economic activities . But what will take its place? What will the world be like in ten years? How do you see the situation in the middle east changing in light of recent events? Maybe it will be better...I hope so. Steven

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