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    High technology: high technology is being involved during the design and production process. The Panton Chair is produced by using cold-pressed, fiberglass reinforced polyester with the use of a mold. It is the first chair to be made in one piece entirely from synthetic material. Recycled Material: To use recycled materials to create a creative and interesting product. A rag chair is layered from the contents of 15 bags of used rags. Ergonomics: To design a product according to human needs base on the research such as measurement etc. The Panton chair is produced based on a human’s body form and structure. Education: A product that educates the users. The rag chair and recycled paper stool are furniture, they also encourage users to reuse / recycle materials. Mass Production: To produce in a large quantity and to get more people to recognize and pay attention to this specific product. Sustainable: Environmentally used. The Bird’s nest stadium’s green features include a rainwater collection system, a translucent roof that provides essential sunlight for the grass below, and a natural, passive ventilation system. Low Production Cost: Made in China? Also, whether the products are easily to be produced, for example, the designer uses the compression technique to make the recycled paper puff chair / table. Affordable: A reasonable price that people can afford to purchase it. Iphone has reduced their price from $399 to $199.

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