• Observation of 13th and 5th Ave



    (stills: video 16) The physical Space

    The physical space in my observation did not seem to play such a big role in how the people acted. But by observing the place I found many different and similar characteristics of the people occupying the space.

    Social Space/Interactions Few of the women who walked past my camera were recorded fixing their hair because the force of the wind that was blowing towards the buildings. I was standing on the edge of the sidewalk near the road. Although I was in many people's way, they walked around me as if I wasn't even there. It was interesting to see these people not care about being recorded where as my other experience in observing have led to people complaining and dirty looks. Everyone is walking fast, focused on their destinations, with their noses in their phones texting and calling, as they become oblivious to their surroundings.

    A man walked by lighting his cigarette, had to use his hands to block the wind, was associating with a man who was sending text messages on his phone. The fast walkers avoid walking behind the slow, and try their best to mind their own business.

    Through my observation, I found that many people mind themselves and avoid contact with unnecessary people. They listen to ipods, keep busy on their phones, walk while smoking, to keep themselves occupied as if they would be vulnerable without those physical items.

    Issues or Problems in Space and Design It was weird to see someone biking on the sidewalk. He passed my camera while I was standing on the south side of the sidewalk facing north. Pedestrians do not always follow directions such as crossing at intersections and not in the middle of the street. It is interesting to see how the people solve their problems of space and interaction with what they have. It almost seems that everyone can be a designer on some level, creating things that they need out of what they have.

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