• Design Criteria 1.1

    Community, Industrial Design


    Design Criteria 1.1

    The characteristics that I think are important to me for Design Criteria.

    Form The form of the product is really important; durability and ergonomic aspect of design need to take into account while designing.

    Function The function of the product is really important. We do not need another pretty product in the world. What we need is a functional, and has some deeper meaning’s product, which might further benefits the makers and the users.

    Material To take into account of where the material come from. It is better to look into local recourses and see what they have the most and can be use for the projects not only in the short run, but in the long run.

    Prevent Poverty There are a lot of ways to prevent poverty; I’m looking into two aspects of it. One is to build local businesses, and another one is to help them with their Health issues.

    Health I think health is really important for my design criteria. Without health people cannot do anything to help themselves or others. It is really important to reduce disease. My goal is to decreasing dead rate and providing the developing countries with a disease free community.

    Cost to make the product The cost of making is always a really big problem, not only in the developing countries but in the developed countries as well. I think it is important to lower the cost, while does not affect the quality of products.

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