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    Looking at images in my posting “part People 2/2”, stores including school buildings are public or physical spaces at this point, but those physical spaces transform people to personal space makers, in other words, various size of social space(s) (image above and previous posting)

    In reality, there are problem in the street. As I wrote about the facts of taxies and pedestrians who cross street freely, sometimes (or very often) they become a cause of traffic accidents. If everyone is under the social rule, accident does not happen. This is not only about traffic accident, but also people make personal spaces on the street and block to other pedestrians walk.

    The reason of this situation is hierarchies in people's mind. Basically pedestrians are walking with their intentions, but they are also incoherent at this time whether their intentions are free or decided. However, once they achive their objective(s), they make personal spaces in physically and socially. (like images in previous posting)

    Concretely, studying in school is the first objective for students, but after school, they immediately go out and make small groups to chat, take a nap, or eat around the building. And at this point, they are released from the first objective, and shifted to their choice.

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