• Observations 1.2

    Community, Environmental Design


    Observations 1.2

    Did you observe any issues/problems in physical and social space? First when people group inside and outside of the entryway, it slows down the flow for people to get in and out of the entryway. Sometimes the card did not work or it is hard to find through people’s purse and people are rushing to go to class, they tend to get hit by the scan machine bars. (two bars will sticks out when people did not scan the card properly the bars will prevent people from entering) There are a lot of cigarette ends on the floor outside the entryway.

    How can design address those issues/problems? It’s harder to change people’s habitual behavior of grouping around the entryway. But what we might be able to do is to provide a better grouping and standing area for people to spend time with their friends. This will solve the problem of blocking the entryway.

    The second problem, I saw some people spent one minute or more just to find their card to scan and get into the building. This situation will block other people’s entry spot and also is inconvenient and frustrated for the people who cannot find their card. I think if we can use the finger scan to get into the building that will solve the problem. Fingerprint is always with us. And we do not need to spent time to find the School ID and take it out for scan. It will save a lot of time and further makes the entryway flows better.

    For the Cigarette ends, we can put a cigarette ends collector besides the pillar for people who smoke. This will reduce the cigarette ends to be thrown around the sidewalk of the entry of 2 west 13th street.

    Storyboard your observations: illustrate the context with plan, axonometric, and/or other technique. Illustrate the details of what happens

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