• Design Criteria



    Scale: By scale I am referring to the scale of the entire project. There are numerous ways of approaching an issue. I want to be extra careful as to choosing the appropriate size of topic to focus on, and concentrate on making my solution effective and feasible.

    Size: The size of a product has a direct impact on other crucial factors such as material and price of the product. A product that is redundantly large uses excessive material and poses problems in transportation; these are issues that will consequently drive up the cost and ultimate price of the product.

    Material and Manufacturing: It should be everyone’s design criteria to create eco-friendly products. The choice of material and manufacturing process plays a key role in this. Is it possible to use local materials and employ local workers? When choosing the material, one should also consider after-life of the product, or is it possible to implement it into another application?

    Aesthetics Aesthetics is always important. It includes form, details, textures, finish, and color. It allows us to have some sort of emotional attachment to an inanimate object, whether it’s positive or not. This doesn’t mean that it has to be an over-designed form, saturated with extravagant details that have no contribution to the function of the design, but that it should be a well-thought out design appropriate for the situation. It should also speak a universal language that can cross cultural barrier and deliver the message you have in mind.

    Usage Phase: User should be able to intuitively know how to use the product. If it requires a specific order of operation, then a short and clear set of instructions should be provided. Information regarding its recyclability and after-use phase should also be provided.

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