• Dimensions of Color

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    Right now, Photoshop has set the standard for color correction interfaces. But it hasn't changed. It's very 2-Dimensional. Color--reflections of light--is multi-dimensional. I am intrigued by the Lab color mode. There are graphic renditions of Lab as a 3-D dual-ended cone (see the illustrations). Yet the typical Photoshop Curves dialog box is a 1-D square with grids. I believe this begs a radical evolution for the interface.

    How and what is on the way and do you think it's going to improve the quality of our work?

    Would all of this require an entirely different type of computer? Possibly a touch-screen or something more complex along the lines of fictional technology in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    —Eric C. M. Basir © Copyright 2008 Photo Grafix, PhotoGrafix.pro

    Illustrations and captions from Photoshop Color by Michael Kieran

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