• Intersectionionion



    The land mine shape of Clean Up is what it is for a very specific reason. So upon dissecting the product, I decided to leave that alone because it was a very powerful element in it. I decided to target the marketing and packaging of the soap instead. The packaging completely conceals the product, but also acts a metaphor since land mines are concealed as well, ie: underground. That adds to the poetics of the product, however, I would like to see how it would be if the land mine were to be revealed through the packaging. Personally, I feel that the soap itself is very evocative and compelling in its form, so if I were to actually see the soap while I was glancing up and down a shelf in my local market, it would definitely stand out to me and attract my attention. The sketches show a few possibilities of revealed packaging as well as other forms and opening possibilities. One being a drawer-type and another almost like an envelope that is sort of shaped like a barrack that would open from the bottom. The barrack form representing protection and shelter from the land mine.

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